Beverly & Sam Properties proudly offers first-class properties for sale or for let. Whether you are looking for apartments to rent in Nigeria, houses for rent in Victoria Island, Lagos or lands for sale in Abuja, we can help you find a place to live or a property where you can invest your money. When considering properties for rent, lease or for sale, look at these options:

  • Properties for sale in Ikoyi

  • Apartments for rent in Oniru

  • Lands for sale in Lagos

  • Houses for sale in Abuja

  • A detached house for sale or rent in various locations

  • Properties for sale in Dubai

  • Properties for rent in Dubai

  • Properties for sale in London

  • Properties for rent in London



Visit our site to find one- to five-bedroom homes for sale. Purchase a property in your desired location and in your price range. Many of the homes for rent are located near amenities, allowing you to be within walking distance of businesses, schools and social activities.

Locate properties for sale in Ikoyi or houses for sale in Abuja, Dubai and London. Discover flats and apartments for sale or find a detached house for sale for a family.


Beverly & Sam Properties also provides properties for rent or lease. Visit our site to locate luxury apartments with numerous amenities and a prime location. Many of these properties have been updated and include spacious bedrooms and amenities such as air conditioning, a fully-equipped kitchen or even a furnished flat. Contact us if you’re looking for the following:

  • Apartments for rent in Nigeria

  • Apartments for rent in Oniru

  • Houses for rent in Nigeria

  • Houses for rent in Victoria Island, Lagos

  • A detached house for rent for more living space

  • Apartments for rent in Dubai

  • Apartments for rent in London


Short Let


Short let provide an exceptional alternative to hotel stays for tourists or students. Many of these properties offer a price per day with minimal requirements. These fully-furnished luxury apartments either in Lagos, Abuja, Dubai or London provide all of the amenities of home, including internet access, air conditioning, modern appliances and security. Some of these properties are ideal for corporate events, providing convenience and comfort to guests beyond what one would experience in an hotel environment.


Beverly & Sam Properties offers properties for investors looking to expand their portfolio as well as those interested in international property ownership. The company works with individual and corporate clients to secure the property of their preference, providing advice to ensure a solid return on investment.

Many of these properties are located in the high-end business district within the city’s best communities for growth. They are often situated near appealing amenities, such as shopping centres or beaches.

Investors looking to purchase luxury apartments and high-end estates in growth areas in Lagos, Abuja, Dubai & London can rely on the expertise of Beverly & Sam Properties in making the purchase and property management afterwards.

Investor Properties

Anyone looking to buy a home for sale in Victoria Island or purchase a property for an investment in Dubai and London can contact Beverly & Sam Properties to find out what’s available. We have a portfolio of numerous properties and we can use our specialized knowledge to assist you in making a sound purchase to provide a sound return on investment for your money.

Contact us to find the right property for you

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